North Tracks Works will offer a lifeline to struggling young people by reconnecting them back into the community, practical learning to help them find employment and life- changing opportunities that create hope and pathways for a better future.

Who are we?

North-Tracks Works is a Lismore based Service offering vulnerable Young People (11-18 years) a lifeline. Establishing connections with these Young People through positive community and social engagements, life-skills development, legal advocacy, community-based volunteer work and education and training. Ensuring those most at risk are supported and encouraged to achieve their life goals and dreams, changing the way they see themselves and the world around them.

North-Tracks Works Young People, are positively supported by a team of youth focused Volunteers who are guided by the North Tracks Works highly experienced and engaging Youth Worker. Our Youth Worker has many years of experience working with disengaged Young People, he has a unique ability to create a safe place and bond with them, even when the world feels too much. The Young People engaged in the program are achieving far beyond expectations, thriving in their own self belief as they grow and change.

We start with belonging because you can’t do anything to help a kid and change their trajectory unless you’re giving them something to feel connected to. Once a young person feels that connection, we can think about their learning. That can look like mastering a vocational skill or being out on the job or figuring out those life skills they need to share a home or have a family. This experience of mastery is very personal because it ultimately depends on their own goals. We think this ability to have a say in their own lives and take ownership over what matters to them is what independence is all about. And finally, we’re looking to help them experience generosity. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of these opportunities at BackTrack and we are lucky enough to attract countless people who want to offer their help.”

      – Bernie Shakeshaft (Founder, BackTrack Youth Works)

Community Participation and Programs

Initially North Tracks was working along side Lismore Mens and Community Shed, help restore flood affected tools and build pallet furniture. The Men at the shed helped our Young People learning new skills and gave them a place to start their North Tracks journey.

North Tracks has been working along side ARRG (Animal Rights and Rescue Group) in Lismore. On a Mondays the North Trackers have been building pallet furniture for the ARRG, OpShop that was flood affected. The furniture has been very well received from the ladies at the OpShop, bookcases, shelving, 2 tier tables, low lining tables and more have been made and donated.

The North Track team have been apart of the Lismore Resilience (flood relief), 2 rooms project. Helping the Lismore community get back on its feet. The Young People have been learning to Gyprock working in teams with other community members on a volunteer basis. The North Track Team also spent 2 days helping re-paint a local business in the Centre of town. The Young People have learnt new hands on trade skills, as well as how to work in a team with new people and build relationships and skills that they can carry with them through life. One of our Young People shared a emotional hug from a house owner whom was very appreciative of the work that he had done during his time with Lismore Resilience, this was great for his self esteem and a connection made between community.

How Can You Help?

This is a list of ideas, but if you have other ideas Please get in touch >>>>>>

  • Donations, we are currently applying for a DGR charity status.
  • Downsizing ? Got a shed full of tools? The guys at NorthTracks would be happy to have them, as at the moment they are working with borrowed tools.
  • Yard Work gear for our social enterprise: lawn mowers, ride ons, blowers, pressure cleaners, whipper snippers, window cleaners, safety gear.
  • Building materials; Trades tools: from spanners to power tools for our workshop.
  • Internet, Phone, Computers, IT equipment.
  • Fuel Cards and vouchers for relevant shops.
  • Adventure gear; water craft; ropes and climbing gear, bicycles, etc.
  • Camping gear; swags; tarps; water containers; etc…
  • Food donations of prepared food for us to use for breakfast, lunch or on overnight camps.




Chair of Board  – Patrick Higgins 0416 218 933

Latest Blog Post

Lots of cleaning up to do to get it ready for our youth programs for 2024.

It looks a little rough but we now have a home. The old men’s shed in Norco Lane, South Lismorehas been made available to North Tracks to set up thier work space. This gives us a safe, permanent place to provide programs for the young people. Follow us as we clean up the space and start works that will change lives.

Today the young people worked on their entry for the Quota Creative Christmas Tree event. It’s a huge secret but it’s going to be awesome! So much planning and work going into it. The competitiveness is fierce, they want to win! I can’t wait!


If you want to go fast, go alone:

If you want to go far, go together.

– African proverb

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